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Divorce mediation can address matters of fairness

Many California couples confronting divorce proceedings say they feel certain their situations are completely unfair. For instance, a parent might have a very difficult time dealing with certain issues, such as his or her children being closely connected to a new romantic partner of the other parent. Matters of child custody and visitation are often the center of disagreements regarding what is fair and what isn’t. Divorce mediation may be a viable choice for resolving these types of issues.

Divorce mediation works best when both parties are determined to find fair and agreeable solutions to their problems. Allowing an impartial mediator to facilitate the meetings promotes an atmosphere conducive to  amicable discussion. There are several things one can do ahead of time, however, to address feelings of unfairness that may be impeding an ability to move forward.

Even before mediation occurs, one can make a written list of all the unfair things that are happening and add ideas and suggestions for how those issues might be resolved. In fact, one can include such a list in a mediation session. It’s often possible to change an unfair action into a positive situation by setting goals and focusing on a new, positive life, rather than allowing emotions and unfair situations to keep one dwelling on present matters.

Anyone who wishes to discuss how divorce mediation may be able to help bring fairness to a seemingly unfair situation can reach out for support by contacting an experienced California family law attorney. Most attorneys are highly skilled negotiators who can add new perspective to a situation, thus encouraging ways to resolve a particular issue that may not have been considered. An attorney is often able to help find a solution without a need for litigation.

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