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Child support may comprise half a family’s income

Many married couples in California who divorce face significant challenges related to finances and children. The court is the ultimate voice of authority when determining whether parents should pay child support, how much such payments should be and when/how they should transpire. Throughout the nation, many families are experiencing great difficulty making ends meet when court-ordered child support remains unpaid.

In fact, in one East Coast state, there’s an entire month set aside to raise awareness regarding important child support issues. Current statistics show that child support payments often total as much as half the overall income of a particular household. Families living at or below the poverty line are reportedly affected most by failures to adhere to court-ordered child support agreements.

It can be very frustrating for custodial parents when noncustodial parents are lax in their duties to provide financial supplement for the care and well-being of their children. In many states, California included, wage garnishment is often used as a means of collecting late child support payments. The law allows several other ways of enforcing child support obligations as well.

One way is for a parent to seek a court judgment for collecting arrears (money owed that should have already been paid). Many parents have no idea how to go about rectifying situations where they know they’re entitled to child support but none is coming in. Anyone in California currently in need of help regarding these or other child-related issues can discuss a particular matter with an experienced family law attorney.

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