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Divorce mediation may be option if you get along with your spouse

No two California couples divorce for the very same reasons. For some, time has passed, children have grown, and spouses have discovered that they no longer have anything in common; hence, they decide to go their separate ways. Others do so following a particular incident or string of events, such as an extramarital affair or serious medical condition. Regardless of the details of an individual situation, if both spouses are able to communicate amicably, divorce mediation may be an option to keep things out of court.

When two people enter mediation, they must both agree to cooperate in the hope of attaining certain goals. Such goals often include matters pertaining to child custody and visitation or property division. It won’t work if someone is being dishonest or is merely looking for an argument every time differences of opinion arise.

There are several things one can do to prepare for mediation. Gather all pertinent documents to keep on hand during the sessions. This way, if specific information is needed to achieve an agreement, it’s easily accessed.

Thinking ahead is also important. Knowing ahead of time where one is willing to compromise and what issues are set in stone in one’s mind helps moves things along when the time comes to discuss such matters in person. It is often possible to obtain fair and agreeable outcomes without ever having to step inside a courtroom. Any settlement will still need the court’s approval, though that’s not typically a problem. California residents who have questions regarding the mediation process can consult with experienced family law attorneys.

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