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Former Major League Baseball star in jail on child support issues

Yankees fans in California who followed Major League Baseball in the 80s and 90s are likely familiar with Danny Tartabull. He was reportedly the highest paid player in the American League in 1992. That’s the year he signed on for five years in a $27 million agreement. Tartabull was back in the news recently, but not for anything having to do with his superb baseball skills. He was arrested and taken to jail for back child support issues.

Tartabull’s attorney says he has a great relationship with both of his adult children. The problem is that he was convicted for delinquent child support in 2011. He was reportedly supposed to turn himself in at the time but never did, and police have had a warrant out for his arrest ever since. It all came to a head recently when authorities received a phone call from Tartabull claiming his vehicle had been burglarized.

When police arrived at the scene, they ran a check on Tartabull and learned he was wanted on an outstanding warrant. He supposedly owes $275,000 in unpaid child support. His attorney says he is actively pursuing Tartabull’s release from jail and hopes to resolve the matter in an expeditious manner.

Many families in California are currently facing similar child support problems although most likely do not involve celebrity status or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every situation is different, and even minor amounts of unpaid child support can make it difficult for parents to make ends meet. Most family law attorneys are keenly aware of this high-priority topic and are fully prepared to litigate a particular issue when necessary.

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