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Not all trends are good: Unpaid child support problem in Tulare

Many people in California have court orders to receive financial assistance from their former spouses to help provide for their children. However, there appears to be a child support problem in some areas, such as Tulare County. Officials there say at least 25 percent of those ordered to pay child support there have failed to do so.

As many as 20 percent of all children in Tulare are or could be covered by a child support order. Somewhere around $288 million is currently owed regarding past and current cases in the area. In fact, 2 percent of all child support cases in the state are on file in Tulare County. There are mandatory guidelines in this state that govern such issues, including calculations for payments.

Many of the parents awaiting child support payments in Tulare County have children who are now  past age 18, which means they can no longer collect support. One school of thought suggests that lack of knowledge of paternity is a main issue as to why this particular county has a problem. Statistics suggest at least 10 out of 100 children in the area do not know who their fathers are.

Many parents rely on support payments to help provide for their children after divorce, especially if they’re having trouble obtaining gainful employment. Issues surrounding child support are often intensely personal and feelings of anger and frustration may set in for the parent dealing with unfulfilled obligations. A California family law attorney is a good resource to help address any particular child support matter as needed in court.

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