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Father runs into legal trouble for paying child support

Even when a California parent does his or her best to adhere to an existing court order following divorce or another family law matter, it is no guarantee that obstacles will never arise. A father in another state can no doubt attest to that fact, as he recently struggled to rectify a problem regarding his child support payments. It seems a documentation error unleashed a series of legal problems.

The man said he takes his responsibility to pay child support very seriously. In fact, he claims that not only has he never missed a payment, not a single payment has ever been late, that is, until recently. The man went to a disbursement center and copied what he thought were the numbers to his former wife’s bank account so he could send his payment.

It appears one of the digits looked like a seven but was actually a one. This caused the payment the man was sending to be deposited in another account. It also prompted his ex-spouse to send him a message, asking why his payment was late. The man soon learned that fixing the problem was a lot easier said than done; no one seemed to be able to access the money and get it into the correct account.

The man finally turned to two news reporters for help. The child support money eventually made it into the proper account. Many California parents can relate to this man’s frustration when problems arise concerning custody, support or visitation. Most turn to experienced family law attorneys for help rather than try to overcome such obstacles on their own.

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