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Mother of 2 says Miguel Cabrera should pay more child support

One of the highest paid professional baseball players ever, Miguel Cabrera, is entangled in a court battle regarding two of his children. The children and their mother do not live in California, but in a southeastern state. Cabrera, who plays for the MLB Tigers, resides with his wife and three other children. At issue is child support, namely, that Cabrera’s former mistress says she is no longer satisfied with $12,000 per month as she believes her children are entitled to more.

The woman lives in what has been described as a palatial home with an in-ground swimming pool. When she met Cabrera, she was married. However, she and Cabrera had a romantic relationship that apparently lasted several years and produced two children.

The woman says that Cabrera has plenty of income to spare and should be giving more to provide for his children’s needs. In fact, she says, she wants the court to increase his payments so her two children may live the same lifestyle as their half-siblings do by living with their father. The former mistress has filed a paternity lawsuit against Cabrera, claiming he fathered her children, set her up in a fancy house, then left her with no means to maintain the lifestyle for her children.

Cabrera earned approximately $30 million in the 2017 baseball season. He said he has paid child support for his two children with the woman in Florida since the day his kids were born and says the children’s mother is trying to extort money from him. A court will determine if that’s true. Anyone in California facing child support problems may seek consultation with an experienced family law attorney for guidance.

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