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Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin engaged in child support battle

When spouses in California who have children together divorce, it can be quite challenging to achieve amicable parenting plan agreements. In particular, matters concerning child custody and child support often cause the most contention between former spouses, especially if they already have trouble getting along. Jodie Sweetin, one of the main stars on popular TV show “Fuller House,” has been divorced twice and is currently fighting one of her ex-husbands over a child support issue.

Sweetin and her former husband, Morty Coyle, are the parents of a 7-year-old daughter. Coyle has requested that the court up the amount of financial support Sweetin provides for the child. Sweetin opposes the request, saying her ex has wrongly asserted her income to the court.

Coyle claims Sweetin earns approximately $700,000 per year. She says the true amount is closer to $430,000 or thereabouts. The court will now have to assess the evidence presented in order to make a decision as to whether Sweetin will be ordered to increase the amount of child support she pays or whether Coyle’s request will be denied.

It can take several months or longer to resolve difficult child support problems. When parents disagree, the court has the final say as to whom, if anyone, will pay, as well as how much and how often payments will be made. Parents must adhere to any ruling the court handed down in such cases. If a California parent is currently in need of guidance regarding a particular post divorce problem, a request for consultation can be made with an experienced family law attorney.

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