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California county providing urgent child support help to parents

Many California parents and others throughout the nation are currently trying to overcome serious financial challenges. For some, a job loss, medical condition or recent divorce has negatively impacted their financial situations. Others may be having trouble making payments for existing child support orders.

In an effort to help parents who have been deemed delinquent in their child support obligations get things back on track, one particular county announced that it was providing immediate assistance at no cost to any parent currently facing possible criminal arrest due to a child support situation. Anyone with a bench warrant out for his or her arrest need only show up at the predetermined place at the proper time to receive guidance and legal assistance to address a crisis situation. There is often a stigma attached to parents who fail to meet their child support obligations, labeling them as deadbeats or parents who don’t have their children’s best interests in mind.

Not being able to pay child support does not necessarily mean a parent is not concerned with his or her child’s well-being or that he or she is trying to beat the system. Any number of issues may arise that make it no longer feasible for a particular parent to continue making payments as ordered by the court. The court understands this, which is why it allows parents to seek modification of existing court orders.

Problems arise, however, if a parent simply stops making child support payments without going through the proper channels to seek modification. Unless the court grants approval for a change, an existing court order still stands regardless of what type of financial crisis arises in a parent’s life. Anyone in this state who needs legal guidance concerning a child support issue may request a meeting with an experienced California family law attorney.

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