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Hoping to avoid litigation? Divorce mediation may be the answer

When you decided to divorce, you may have also talked to your spouse about trying to find the swiftest, less stressful means to achieve a settlement. If you have children, you, like most good parents in California and beyond, likely also talked about keeping their best interests in mind and being willing to compromise and cooperate as needed to come up with a suitable parenting plan for the future. Another high priority for you might include avoiding litigation if at all possible. If that’s the case, you may want to look into divorce mediation options.

Mediation is a bit different from collaborative law and quite different from the litigation process. A key factor in successful mediation is proper facilitation; in particular, it’s important to have an experienced mediator who remains neutral and guides both parties through the process as they discuss each issue pertaining to their divorce. Many topics can be addressed through mediation, such as child support, parenting issues or property division.

If keeping costs down is important in your divorce, mediation may be the best choice as it is usually one of the most cost-effective options available. In fact, a mediated divorce may cost as much as 20 percent less than a litigated divorce. Mediation is also a preferred means for retaining control of the divorce process.

During litigation, each party is bound to defer to the judge’s discretion, speaking only when permitted to do so in court. Divorce mediation provides an atmosphere that is more conducive to open discussion. The Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff, in California, can provide all assistance necessary to implement a mediation plan and help you achieve a fair and agreeable settlement in the swiftest, least expensive manner possible.