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Police investigating strange child support situation

California parents currently adhering to existing court orders regarding financial provision and care of their children understand how important it is to follow the specifications of the court’s ruling without fail. If a particular parent is in need of modification of a child support or custody order, there are legal steps to take to submit a request for a change. Sometimes, as in the case of a man in another state, unexpected incidents occur that result in serious legal complications.

In this man’s case, he could wind up facing criminal charges for passing fake money. He reportedly owed his girlfriend $190 in child support. He made a payment, but a county court clerk then alerted local authorities that $100 of the money was paid with a fake bill. 

Authorities asked the man where he had gotten the money, but he said he had no idea. It will now be left to prosecutors to decide whether they will file criminal charges against him. Although such situations are no doubt rare, if a child support payment was made with fake money, it would leave that portion of the payment unmet, which would then create additional legal complications.

Any California parent waiting for a child support payment that has not arrived on time, or facing some other problem related to an existing court order regarding a parenting plan, can turn to an experienced family law attorney for help. Every case is unique, and the court is able to use its own discretion to determine what is reasonable, just and fair in a given situation. Experienced legal representation can help a parent protect his or her rights.

Source:, “Man pays girlfriend’s child support with fake $100 bill, police say“, Bob Johnson, Feb. 20, 2018