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Unpaid child support is a problem for many California parents

Many California parents encounter strenuous challenges when they attempt to negotiate custody and child support agreements. The bottom line is that whether parents themselves devise a plan or the court steps in to determine what a particular custodial situation will be, either way results in a formal court order to which all parties must adhere. When child support goes unpaid, serious legal problems can arise.

Is mediation the right fit for your divorce?

The end of a marriage is often full of emotions that can be difficult to control. One day you may feel angry and bitter, and the next, sorrow and loss may overwhelm you. However, you and your spouse may be like many divorcing couples who do not want to walk away from the marriage as enemies. Perhaps you have children and understand how difficult it will be to co-parent without some sense of cooperation.

Music star Britney Spears battling ex over child support

Many California parents are currently engaged in litigation regarding post-divorce parenting-related issues. Such problems are sometimes impossible to resolve without the court's intervention. Any parent facing a child support problem may relate to a similar situation pop music star Britney Spears is going through at this time.

Child support and custody problems caused by parental alienation

Not every California family living in a post-divorce situation is able to move forward in life in an amicable manner. Sometimes, even after the court has ruled on matters of custody or child support, parents may still have conflict between them that translates into legal problems. For instance, what happens if a custodial parent causes alienation between a child and a noncustodial parent? This is often an act of revenge that can have long-lasting negative effects on the parent and child or children in question.

Need to change an existing child support order?

Most California parents would agree that although life is unpredictable, one thing that is certain is that it often changes. Some changes are more gradual than others, developing slowly over time. On the other hand, more sudden circumstances may arise, necessitating immediate change as well. For parents who pay or receive child support for their children, life's changes often impact existing payment agreements.


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