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Music star Britney Spears battling ex over child support

Many California parents are currently engaged in litigation regarding post-divorce parenting-related issues. Such problems are sometimes impossible to resolve without the court’s intervention. Any parent facing a child support problem may relate to a similar situation pop music star Britney Spears is going through at this time.

Spears and her former spouse have two sons, ages 12 and 11. The boys’ father currently has full custody of his sons. Spears reportedly pays $20,000 per month to financially support her children.

The boys’ father, age 40, recently submitted a request for modification of the existing child support order, however, citing the fact that Spears’ income has increased by at least 20 times since the initial court order was handed down. An attorney speaking on his behalf said the children’s father has their best interests in mind and is merely trying to make sure they are able to enjoy the same standard of living in his care that they were accustomed to with their mother. The attorney also cited the fact that boys are getting older now; therefore, their financial needs are changing.

Spears was quoted as saying that she wants the matter settled because it is causing her great stress. Her own father is reportedly acting on her behalf to discuss the matter with her former spouse’s attorney. Child support issues can be complicated; this is why it’s often best to allow an experienced family law attorney to address a particular matter in court, as state guidelines vary and the court determines each case by its own merits. An experienced California attorney knows the ins and outs of the system and can help secure the best outcome possible to protect a concerned parent’s rights and the best interests of his or her children.

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