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Need to change an existing child support order?

Most California parents would agree that although life is unpredictable, one thing that is certain is that it often changes. Some changes are more gradual than others, developing slowly over time. On the other hand, more sudden circumstances may arise, necessitating immediate change as well. For parents who pay or receive child support for their children, life’s changes often impact existing payment agreements.

If a court ruling has already been handed down, then parents must adhere to it. It’s a very bad idea to simply stop making child support payments, even if the current plan is no longer feasible due to other circumstances in life. There is a specific process that must be followed to petition the court for modification of an existing court order.

Unexpected job losses or changes in income are some of the most common reasons parents list when requesting changes in child support. Also, if a child develops special needs, such as those related to health care or education, modification of child support may be warranted. Certain extenuating issues may prompt the court to deny specific requests for child support modification.

In some situations, parents are able to devise their own child support plan then present it to the court for approval. A California family law attorney can assist any parent in need of information or guidance related to child support issues. As in all child-related issues, the court focuses on children’s best interests as well as state guidelines that may be pertinent to a given situation.

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