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Britney Spears still fighting ex-husband over child support

One of the downfalls of being a pop music star is that lines between personal life and the public’s right to know often blur. Many Britney Spears fans have been following updates regarding her mental breakdown and the father of her two children gaining custody, thereafter. Since then, the two have been going ’round and round’ regarding child support issues. Many parents in California facing similar problems may relate to this former couple’s situation.  

Kevin Federline, the father of Spears’ two sons, currently is said to receive $20,000 per month from Spears in child support. After the singer’s 2007 mental health problems, her father began acting on her behalf to try to resolve certain issues with Federline, hoping to avoid going to court. Federline requested an increase in Spears’ financial provision for her sons, stating he felt the boys needed $40,000 per month to meet their current needs.  

Spears’ father asked Federline to submit a written outline of how such monies would be disbursed in caring for the boys. Federline refused to do so, and he initiated a petition requesting an Income and Expense Declaration from Spears. The mom of two will now have to reveal her net earnings. 

Federline is the father of six children and has stated that he earns less than 1 percent of the income he believes Spears brings in. Time will tell if this child support situation leads to litigation or if the parties involved will be able to negotiate a fair and agreeable solution to their problems. California parents in need of legal assistance concerning similar problems can reach out for support from experienced family law attorneys. 

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