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Divorce mediation: Is it right for you and who can help?

Deciding to end a marriage is no doubt one of the most solemn, significant decisions of a person’s life. Many people in California have made or will make this decision in 2018 or beyond. Any number of extenuating issues may impact divorce proceedings, such child-related matters, property division or finances. If financial constraints are an issue, divorce mediation may be a viable option.  

Some people like to use the process of elimination to help them choose between several options. There are several issues that would prompt a spouse to scratch mediation off the list. Key signs that mediation would not be the way to go include a spouse with a substance abuse problem, a contentious relationship — especially if domestic violence is involved — and/or a spouse who refuses to cooperate or compromise to achieve an amicable settlement.  

On the other hand, spouses who hope to reach a cost-effective agreement in a reasonable timeframe may make mediation a top choice. It is known for being less expensive than litigation. Fees may vary according to location and other factors. However, generally speaking, it is less expensive and usually less stressful than litigation.  

A California attorney experienced in divorce mediation negotiations is a great asset to have on hand when considering this type of divorce. Both spouses will want to focus on engaging in cooperative discussions regarding all issues that must be resolved to finalize their divorce. If the meetings are successful, an agreement can be drawn up then submitted to the court for approval.