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A man in another state facing serious child support problems

Divorced couples in California, as well as parents who were never married, sometimes face problems regarding finances needed to provide care for their children. In many cases, the court orders child support. When there is an existing court order, both parents are obligated to adhere to the terms unless and until the court modifies the order in some way.  

If a parent is ordered to pay child support and is not making payments on time (or at all), local authorities are often called upon to execute a warrant for the person’s arrest. There are many situations where a parent may have a legitimate need to delay or lower payments. However, this must be done through the proper legal channels. No parent can take it upon himself or herself to change a payment amount or time schedule.  

A man in another state was said to be approximately $13,000 behind in his child support payments. This prompted local police to pay a visit to a particular residence where they believed he was staying at the time. The situation wound up leading to the man’s arrest, and his trouble now also includes criminal charges.  

Police say the man entered custody without incident. While they were apprehending him for unpaid child support, they allegedly found evidence of illegal drug activity in the home, and the man will now have to address those issues in court as well. As for unpaid child support, anyone in California in need of legal guidance regarding such matters can reach out for support from an experienced family law attorney.