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Collaborative Law: Is it a viable option for your divorce?

If you’re one of many California parents who cringe at the thought of a long, drawn-out court battle as a means of achieving a divorce settlement, you may wish to explore options that are designed to be nonconfrontational instead. Collaborative law is meant to provide support in confidential settings for spouses who are determined to achieve amicable settlements. You may still encounter challenges along the way; however, you and your soon-to-be former spouse must agree to work together to resolve disagreements through peaceful negotiation process in a private setting.

Many people choose to settle their divorces through collaborative law because it is typically less expensive than litigation. All aspects of divorce are covered during meetings, such as tax implications, child custody, property division and spousal support. The difference in the collaborative setting as opposed to a courtroom is that spouses have control over the process and are working together to create a comprehensive settlement that is in everyone’s best interests.

Once you have a set plan in mind, you simply need to submit it to the court for approval. By retaining experienced legal representation before the collaborative process begins, you can expect that your rights will be protected and that your children’s best interests will be a central focus of discussion. If you’re unable to accomplish your goals through collaborative law, you may switch to litigation at any time. In doing so, however, the parties will be required to retain new legal counsel for any court proceedings.

The Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff in California is fully equipped to provide support in all aspects of divorce, including the collaborative law process. The state recognizes that each family law situation is unique, which is why mediation, collaboration and litigation options are available to choose from. An experienced attorney is a great asset to have on-hand in all cases.