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Former wife seeking tremendous child support increase

Life changes. For California parents currently engaged in child support agreements, this sometimes means that payments are no longer feasible for a paying parent or that the custodial parent determines a need to request a payment increase. Most parents would consider a 10-fold increase to be high; however, that is exactly what rap star Gucci Mane’s ex has requested.

Mane had been in prison for a while. Prior to living behind bars, he signed an agreement to pay $2,000 per month of his approximate $25,000 per month income to provide for his son. The child lived with his mother at the time, but Mane had visitation rights. Things have changed since then. The child is now about 11 or 12, and Mane is no longer in jail.

The boy’s mother says that not only is her son’s father no longer incarcerated, but his income has substantially increased as well. In fact, she claims he recently paid more than $1 million to fund his own wedding. In light of such issues, she has asked the court to order Mane to increase his child support payments to $20,000 per month.

Mane’s ex says that, at this time, she can neither work nor go to school because she cannot afford to pay for supervised child care that she would need for her son. When child support modification requests are made, the paying parent is given an opportunity to respond to the request. Mane has reportedly not done so yet. Those in California facing similar problems may wish to reach out for support from experienced family law attorneys.