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Is divorce mediation the key to an amicable split?

Like most other states in the nation, California has many married couples who are currently considering divorce. Some have been married a long time and have simply grown apart. Other relationships fell apart due to crisis situations, often times including extra marital affairs. For those who still get along fairly well with their soon-to-be-former spouses, divorce mediation can be a great tool for swift and fair settlements.

Mediation leaves most of the control in the hands of the spouses themselves. Spouses agree to peacefully discuss every pertinent issue, such as property division, child custody and child support. State guidelines apply, although spouses can personalize their co-parenting plans to fit their immediate needs and long-term family goals.

Mediated divorces are often less expensive than litigation. It is also generally the swiftest process, which may be a high priority for those who really want to leave their past behind and move on in life. While many people tells stories of long, drawn-out court battles, the truth is that amicable divorce is often possible so long as both spouses agree to keep the best interests of everyone in mind.

Sometimes, California spouses begin the divorce mediation process but then realize it is not working so well. If this happens, there is a specific system in place to switch to litigation. In either type of divorce, an experienced family law attorney can provide strong guidance and support to help parents protect their rights and seek the court’s approval for a thorough, fair and agreeable settlement.