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Factors the court considers when making child support decisions

The more you know ahead of time regarding what to expect during custody proceedings in a divorce, the better able you are to protect your parental rights and your children’s best interests. Especially concerning child support, every state has its own guidelines; therefore, it is best to seek clarification of California laws before heading to court. Whether you plan to request child support as a custodial parent or think you might be required to pay, it is easier to be proactive in securing a fair and agreeable outcome if you arm yourself with pertinent information at the start.

The court typically considers the income of both parents when making child support decisions. Of course, the court also realizes that life changes may make payments unfeasible down the line for one parent or the other. This is why a request for modification system is already in place, should you need to ask for a change in your plan.

Tax information, health insurance, travel expenses and other financial data is also likely to be reviewed before a judge issues a child support order. How many children you have and which parent spends the majority of time with them on a regular basis may also be determining factors in the court’s decision. An experienced family law attorney can help you make sure the financial data being given to the court is accurate and thorough.

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