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Man facing child support problems with 2 former wives

Numerous California fathers have signed or will be signing agreements concerning their financial responsibilities for their children following divorce. A specific child support amount is set in each case, at the court’s discretion. Every state has its own guidelines, typically resulting in a court order. A man in another state, who happens to be running for governor, is said to be behind in his payments in two separate post-divorce situations.

The father of three has a son with his former first wife and two other children with his former second wife. In that particular case, the court reportedly threatened him with jail time if he didn’t pay at least half of the child support he owed. The full amount was more than $6,000.

The Navy veteran says that approximately 40 percent of his monthly income goes toward child support. Between all three of his children, he pays $2,500 per month. There is some question as to exactly how much he owes in each separate case. When asked what he would have done about his gubernatorial ventures had the judge ordered him to spend time behind bars, the candidate said he would have continued his campaign.

Sometimes, child support issues are disputed, such as if one parent claims a certain amount is owed but the other disagrees. In such circumstances, it can be a great asset to rely on experienced legal representation. A California family law attorney understands the way the child support system works and can determine a best course of action to rectify a problem situation.