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Child support problems can negatively affect personal reputations

Most good California parents have no problem with being ordered to provide financial support to their children after divorce. However, it is not uncommon for child support problems to arise, sometimes due to disagreements between parents and other times due to extenuating circumstances. When word travels that a parent has not been making child support payments on time, it can affect his or her personal and professional reputation.

Not every person who fails to make support payments is a deadbeat parent. In fact, many parents have legitimate reasons why their scheduled payments are no longer feasible. The problem is that a parent is legally obligated to keep making payments according to the terms of an existing court order unless and until the court grants a modification. If a parent simply stops making payments without gaining the court’s permission, he or she may be found in contempt of court.

A congressional candidate in another state has had his name dragged through the mud due to child support issues and other criminal offenses on his record. In this particular case, drunk driving appears to have been problematic as the person in question has been picked up by police at least four times regarding suspicion of  intoxicated driving. In 2015, his state’s government placed a lien against his property because he was deemed delinquent in his court-ordered child support payments.

Such situations have caused a stir in the congressional candidate’s community. Many people doubt whether a person who faces legal repercussions for not paying child support can be entrusted with a congressional seat. There may be California parents who can relate to this type of consternation — parents who may be fighting to uphold their reputations and who need support as they try to resolve their family law problems. Such parents can reach out for experienced legal support at any time.