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Miguel Cabreara still facing child support problems

In California and elsewhere, extramarital affairs often lead to serious personal problems. Major League Baseball star, Miguel Cabrera has been trying to resolve contentious child support issues regarding two children he had with an ex-mistress. Cabrera also has three children with his wife, who happens to be his former high school sweetheart.  

The baseball superstar earns approximately $30 million per year. For the past 10 months, he has been entangled in a bitter fight with the woman that bore his two children during an affair they reportedly had for years. She is seeking $100,000 per month in child support.  

The woman is said to have accused Cabrera of treating the children that live in his household better than his two children who reside with her. As often happens in such situations, the two mothers are said to have come out fighting against each other. In fact, Cabrera’s wife has accused his former mistress of cyberstalking her and her children. She also claims the woman stole photographs of her and her kids from social network sites and has been showing the photos to people to claim that Cabrera treats his three at-home children better than her kids.  

A law professor commenting on the case stated that Cabrera is legally obligated to pay child support as ordered by the court; however, whether or not he interacts with his two children who live with his ex-mistress is up to him. Many California parents who are not wealthy professional baseball players are also facing serious legal problems related to divorce, custody, visitation or support. An experienced family law attorney is can be a great asset toward resolving any and all such issues.