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Former NBA star is seeking child support modification

California NBA fans are likely familiar with Matt Barnes. Barnes played for several different teams throughout his career, including the the Los Angeles Lakers. Off the court, he has been entangled in a child support dispute with the mother of his twin sons. 

Barnes recently gained full custody of his children. Since splitting up with his wife, he has reportedly been paying $20,000 per month in financial support for his kids. However, he recently asked the court to modify its order since his children now live with him full time.   

Barnes says he’d also ask the court to assess how much income the children’s mother could be earning if she would obtain gainful employment. She apparently has not been employed since starring on the reality TV show, “Basketball Wives” when she was married to Barnes. The former NBA star says he cannot see any reason why he should have to continue paying $20,000 every month in support when he already provides for his children’s daily care because they live with him.   

In California or any other state, as long as there is an existing child support order, the terms of that order must be adhered by both parents. Anyone seeking modification must be able to show the court evidence of a substantial change in circumstances; the court will review the case and decide whether to grant the request. In situations like Barnes’, if and when the court grants permission to lower payments or make some other type of change, then an amended order is filed and becomes effective.