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Options for California parents facing child support problems

When a California court orders a parent to make regular payments to provide for his or her children, he or she is legally obligated to adhere to the exact terms of the order unless and until the judge overseeing the case grants a modification. There are many parents in this state and others feeling frustrated and angry that co-parents have failed to obey child support orders. In some cases, the paying parents live in the same towns as the custodial parents; in other situations, custodial parents have no clue as to the whereabouts of their co-parents.

Every state has means of enforcement and, in some situations, warrants for arrest are issued to bring those in contempt of court to justice. When a parent is delinquent in paying child support, he or she is said to be in arrears. California parents listed as such may wind up having their photographs, names and other personal identification information posted online. That’s because this state is one of several where such venues are used to publicly shame those who have failed to fulfill their duties.

Several enforcement measures can be taken against parents to collect delinquent support payments. Employers can be legally ordered to withhold wages from workers who owe court-ordered financial supplements for their children. In some states, drivers’ licenses may be suspended until payments are brought up to date.

In the most serious situations, a California parent who fails to pay child support may wind up spending time in jail. A custodial parent in need of guidance regarding how to resolve a problematic situation can turn to an experienced family law attorney for assistance. Acting alongside legal representation is typically a means toward achieving swift and efficient results.