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California child support: An obligation the law takes seriously

When California parents decide to divorce, the relationship between the two spouses is sometimes quite strained. This can lead to contention, especially if the parents in question are having trouble devising a fair and agreeable co-parenting plan. When the court orders child support, it is up to both parents to adhere to the terms of the order.

Even though a payment is being sent to a former spouse, it is important to remember that the money is to provide for the needs of the children. Such monies often help pay for things beyond basic elements of food, shelter and clothing. For instance, child support can also help cover medical expenses, educational costs or even extra curricular activities.

The court determines how much support should be paid as well as the other details involved on a case-by-case basis, including when and by what means payments will be exchanged. Sometimes, a parent might have cause to request modification of an existing court order, which is okay to do if the court considers the reasons legitimate. A relocation, job loss, remarriage or financial emergency might all be considered valid reasons to ask for a stay in payments or to lower the monthly amount.

An experienced family law attorney can provide guidance to any California parent facing child support problems. Most good parents only want what is best for their kids and, to that end, are quite willing to contribute financially to their children’s needs. While some situations can be complicated and challenging, it is often possible to overcome even the most difficult problems by turning to someone who knows how to negotiate or litigate such issues.