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Former Bravo star resolves child support and other divorce issues

Many California residents are currently facing disagreements regarding parenting, money, property or other issues in divorce. Child support and custody-related matters are often the most contentious, especially if one parent refuses to cooperate or adhere to the terms of an existing court order. With appropriate support, many parents are able to resolve their differences through mediation or litigation, when necessary. Former reality TV star Lizzie Rovsek recently finalized a co-parenting plan that includes several specific instructions regarding her children’s futures.

Rovsek is reportedly satisfied with the court’s ruling that her ex will pay $4,001 per month in child support. Rovsek herself will also be receiving spousal support of more than $6,000 per month. In addition to these financial matters, the former spouses have set terms regarding faith, health and other personal issues for their children.

First, neither parent is to expose the children to second-hand smoke in his or her household or vehicle. Also, as minors, the children are to be raised as Christians and involved in no other faith or religious practices. The parents have also agreed to allow each other to meet any new romantic partner ahead of time before introducing him or her to their children.

The Rovseks’ co-parenting plan is a good example of how personalized such plans can be. California parents can address topics beyond typical financial, property or custody issues. The more specific a co-parenting plan is in its terms, the less room for confusion or dispute down the line. An experienced family law attorney is a great asset to have on hand when trying to resolve child support or other parenting disagreements.