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Judge gives man 1 more chance to pay child support

When California spouses divorce, the court often makes decisions regarding any children who may be involved. When parents disagree about what is best for their kids, judges step in to decide any unresolved issues. Certain issues, such as child support, often create contention, especially if one parent the other of failing to make payments on time.

This appears to be a problem in another state where a man who was ordered to pay child support until 2026 has reportedly not been fulfilling his obligation. The order was issued in 2011, stating that monthly payments of $215 were to be made for the next 15 years. In 2017, the man was told to appear in court because records showed he owed more than $18,000 as per the terms of the existing court order. 

The judge overseeing the case sentenced him to two years’ probation. The man was also ordered to obtain a GED certificate and to increase his monthly payment amount to $265. On a recent Monday, a deputy county attorney told the judge that the man had violated the terms of his probation and should be sent to jail.

The judge, however, decided to continue the man’s probation, stating that he is being given a final opportunity to pay his child support debt or he will be going to jail. The man’s attorney explained to the court that he has several medical issues that have impeded his ability to make payments on time. Every state has its own guidelines concerning support issues; California parents (whether paying support or receiving payments to provide for their children) may seek legal support if something goes awry regarding an existing court order.