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Divorce mediation: Is it worth a try?

One of the most serious decisions a person can make in life is to get divorced. Many California residents will make such decisions before 2019 ends. Those who wish to avoid confrontation, and who really would just like to resolve pertinent issues and then sign an agreement and move on in life, may want to try divorce mediation as an alternate dispute resolution tool, rather than entering litigation.

Mediation is definitely not a good fit for everyone, however. Therefore, it might help to consider its pros and cons before determining a best course of action. Then again, it is possible to give it a try and convert to litigation if the process does not work out as hoped. A primary key to a successfully mediated divorce is willingness to cooperate and negotiate.

If the relationship between spouses is contentious, then it might be better to pursue litigation. A goal of these sessions is to create a peaceful, confidential environment where both spouses are willing to amicably discuss important topics, such as child custody, property division or visitation schedules. If spouses argue every time they meet in person, or someone simply wants to keep rehashing old marital problems rather than negotiate terms for a future co-parenting plan, it is highly unlikely they will be able to achieve a fair and agreeable settlement through mediation.

Divorce mediation can save time and money. It also provides a means for spouses to control their own outcome. A California spouse who wishes to learn more about the process, and seek guidance as to whether or not it might be a viable option in his or her situation, can request a meeting with an attorney who has experience in both mediated and litigated divorces.