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Judge suspends 5-year prison sentence in child support case

When a California court makes decisions that pertain to child care or financial provisions after divorce, both parents must adhere to the terms. While there are sometimes legitimate reasons for requesting modification of a court order, a parent cannot simply take matters into his or her own hands. The court must grant the request and issue a new ruling before custody or child support arrangements are changed.

The father of a child in another state wound up in serious legal trouble when he stopped paying child support. In fact, he reportedly failed to send payments for seven consecutive years. The man was arrested on an outstanding bench warrant and pleaded guilty to the charges against him. This led to a judge ordering him to pay restitution of nearly $13,000.

He was also sentenced to jail for five years, followed by two years of supervised probation. However, the judge overseeing the case suspended all five years of the prison sentence. In similar cases, judges have suspended sentences so that the defendant could earn income to keep making child support payments.

The attorney general in the state where this child support case was heard said parents who neglect their duties to financially provide for their children must be located and made to pay. He also publicly thanked the judge for holding the man legally accountable for his child’s financial well-being. Any California parent facing legal problems regarding a delinquent support account may reach out for guidance and assistance from an experienced family law attorney.