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Divorce mediation: Can it help spouses forgive?

When California married couples get divorced, there is often a lot of back-story to the situation. In many cases, one or both spouses feel deeply hurt about things that transpired in their marriage. Feelings of anger, betrayal, mistrust or resentment can impede the settlement process; however, if both spouses can agree to set their anger aside, then divorce mediation may be an option to swiftly resolve critical issues so the court can finalize the divorce.

Many spouses have found that mediation is a valuable tool toward healing. Especially when the spouses involved are parents together, it is always in a family’s best interests to find common ground between co-parents so everyone can move on in life in as healthy a manner as possible. When spouses choose to mediate a divorce, they must agree to try to avoid litigation and to be willing to amicably discuss each issue, which also means being willing to cooperate and compromise as necessary.

Parents do well to avoid speaking negatively about each other. While combative behavior is prohibited during mediated sessions, it is up to the parents themselves to avoid down-talking each other outside of a mediated environment. Holding a grudge or refusing to try to get along has a way of prompting legal problems, especially where child custody, visitation or child support is concerned.

Divorce mediation definitely isn’t for everyone. California parents who want to focus on being forgiving, leaving the past behind and helping their children adapt to new lifestyles with as little stress as possible may want to give it a try. An experienced family law attorney can explain the process and provide guidance and support to any parent considering the option.