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This is why Jennifer Hudson is upset about child support

Most California parents would feel frustrated or angry if someone were to try to take advantage of them financially. This sometimes happens in divorce, such as when a spouse tries to hide assets or to gain an upper hand in child support proceedings. These issues often plague celebrities in their personal lives, as well. In fact, singer/actress Jennifer Hudson recently spoke about why she is unhappy regarding certain legal issues.

Hudson is currently entangled in a contentious child support dispute with the father of her child. She was never married to the man, and she says it is highly unfair that he can use a portion of the financial supplement she provides for her child to make housing payments. Hudson says the system is flawed because it enables custodial parents to take advantage of non-custodial parents with higher incomes, especially those who are celebrities.

The California family justice system always has children’s best interests in mind when making child custody or support decisions. A judge makes such decisions on a case-by-case basis. In many situations, if a parent is unhappy about a particular ruling, he or she can file an appeal.

Jennifer Hudson says the father of her child is perfectly capable of earning enough income to pay for his own home and shouldn’t be allowed to obtain housing subsidies by means of money she is sending to provide for her child. Any California parent who is currently facing similar legal obstacles may request a consultation with an experienced family law attorney. An attorney will advocate on a parent’s behalf to protect his or her rights and financial interests in all custody or child support matters.