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Beador co-parent plan includes more than just child support

Another former celebrity couple has finalized a California divorce settlement. Anyone currently preparing to navigate a similar process may want to review the case because it contains some interesting details. In addition to physical and legal custody of their children, as well as child support, the former Mr. and Mrs. Beador have also incorporated other issues into their co-parenting plan, such as how they may or may not speak about each other in front of their kids.

It is a fact that many co-parents run into problems after divorce when one parent constantly makes disparaging remarks about the other within the children’s earshot. Not only does this type of behavior often impede children’s ability to cope with divorce, it can lead to serious legal problems if the parent being maligned suspects his or her ex of parental alienation. To avoid such problems, Shannon Beador and her ex agreed in writing to never speak negatively about each other in front of their children.

The two parents will be sharing legal and physical custody of their three kids who are ages 17 and 14 (twins). Providing for the financial needs of three teenagers can get quite expensive. The Beadors’ co-parenting plan addresses this by stating that the father will pay nearly $3,000 per month in child support. Another interesting aspect of this particular co-parenting plan is that it also states that the father will pay for health insurance coverage for the kids, even though it is a joint custody arrangement.

Every California divorce is unique by its own circumstances. The Beador settlement is a good example of how parents can customize their agreements to address specific child support or custody issues to fit their own needs and post-divorce family goals. An experienced family law attorneys who is well-versed in the state’s custody and support regulations and can provide strong guidance and support if a legal problem arises.