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California parents need not handle child support problems alone

When California parents decide to divorce, the decision naturally has implications in all areas of their lives, especially with respect to their children. It is understandable that you’d be concerned about child support, custody and other family law issues if you are planning to file for divorce. If you sacrificed a career to stay home full-time to raise a family during your marriage, you may have concerns regarding finances as you leave your marriage and move on in life.

Children’s best interests are always the court’s main concern. Each state has its own guidelines regarding child support. However, most judges take each parent’s income, as well as future earning potential, into account before making a ruling.

Once a parent has been ordered to pay child support, he or she must continue to make payments on time according to the court order. If a situation arises where a parent is unable to continue making payments, he or she is allowed to request a modification to the court order. In the meantime, payments must continue to be made on time, unless and until the judge overseeing the case grants the modification request.

If you are currently facing legal challenges regarding California child support, you may wish to contact the Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff. By relying on the skill, knowledge and experience of a family law attorney, you can work toward solutions to difficult problems without feeling like you have to go it alone in court. Most problems are resolvable and even those that are especially challenging can be made less stressful by allowing an experienced attorney advocate on your behalf.