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Collaborative law can help California co-parents keep the peace

When a California married couple decides to file for divorce, they must resolve numerous issues before a settlement can be achieved. If the couple has children together, things may be a bit more complicated because, as parents, they must decide where their kids will live and how their financial needs will be met. When spouses want to obtain a swift and amicable settlement, a collaborative law divorce may be the best option.

If things are fairly straightforward and both spouses are willing to peacefully discuss their differences regarding property division, custody, alimony or other issues, they may be able to reach an agreement out of court. This often helps keep related expenses lower than a divorce that is being litigated. The latter is more of a fight-to-win situation, whereas collaboration is a process designed for troubleshooting and peaceful problem solving between spouses. 

A collaborative divorce setting is a lot less formal than a courtroom environment. Each spouse must have his or her own legal representation. An attorney can meet with a client ahead of time to discuss his or her ultimate goals, such as how much money he or she thinks is needed in child support.

The Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff is committed to providing guidance and support to California clients regarding collaborative law divorce. If your goals include obtaining a settlement in a timely manner and economically feasible fashion, this may be a viable option you’ll want to consider. By requesting a consultation, you can take the first step toward devising a plan that meets your needs and adapt to a post-divorce lifestyle.