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Child Support: Judge orders Tristan Thompson to pay up

NBA fans in California and across the country are likely familiar with Tristan Thompson. His prowess on the court became recognized when he was in college, and he entered his professional career as a fourth overall draft in the National Basketball Association. Parents who are currently struggling with child support issues might relate to Thompson’s personal situation regarding a recent court order.

Thompson is the father of two children. Khloe Kardashian is the mother of one, and Jordan Craig is mom to the other. The latter filed a petition in a civil court, stating that the $15,000 per month her child’s father was paying was far lower than recommended state guidelines. As a result of that lawsuit, the judge overseeing the case ordered Thompson to pay $200,000 in back payments.

The judge also ruled that instead of $15,000 per month from here on out, Thompson’s monthly payments will increase to $40,000 per month. This decision came after Craig told the court she believed her child was entitled to the same lifestyle as his father and half sister. The modified order will remain active until the 2-year-old reaches age 18, receives a high school diploma or becomes emancipated by the court.

An additional term of the newly signed child support agreement between Craig and Thompson states that Thompson must contribute $15,000 per year to a savings plan for his son or make monthly payments toward the same in the amount of $1,250. Any California parent in need of guidance and support regarding how to seek modification of a court order can request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney. Acting alongside legal counsel rather than alone in court is often the best means for obtaining a favorable outcome.