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Judge gives man 10 days to pay child support or face jail time

Some California parents are famous or, at least, well-known in their own communities. It can be difficult for them when they experience family problems because word travels fast and it might feel like everyone knows details about their private lives. A man who is known as a former political candidate, as well as a radio commentator in another state is making headlines these days. He probably wishes he wasn’t since they concern a family court judge’s order that he pay a substantial amount of past due child support.

The judge has told the man that he has 10 days to pay up or go to jail. The amount in question is $170,000. The average California resident might consider that a lot of money.

In this case, the man’s ex petitioned the court, filing a civil contempt petition against her former spouse. The judge ordered a total of $245,300 to be paid in child support with $170,000 paid within 10 days. The man was also found in contempt of court. He reportedly had missed a court hearing and did not have any legal representation standing in his place at the time.

The radio show host says he was not at the hearing because he did not know about it. Once a California judge or the court in any other state hands down a child support ruling, both parents must strictly adhere to the terms. If a parent cannot meet payments for some reason, he or she may petition the court for modification but must keep making payments unless and until permission is granted to change the terms of the order.