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Divorce mediation: When you’re ready to move on in life

The types of issues that prompt divorce for California married couples may vary greatly from household to household. Some spouses say they simply grew apart over the years, while others place disputes about finances or child-related issues at the top of their lists. No matter what the main problems were in a marriage, spouses who are tired of fighting and simply want to move on in life may wish to consider divorce mediation as a way to avoid litigation.

Since this is a community property state, you will likely be splitting all marital property 50/50. You may still have to negotiate certain issues, however. If you have children, their best interests will no doubt be a central focus of discussion in your mediation sessions. While you may have heard horror stories about contentious child custody disputes in the past, there are also plenty of spouses who are able to develop solid co-parenting agreements without getting into long, drawn-out battles in court.

Litigation tends be the most expensive type of divorce. Therefore, if you’re greatly concerned about economic feasibility, you may definitely want to give mediation at try, as it usually costs much less. It can also be a time saver if both parties stick to their agreement to peacefully discuss the issues at hand and compromise and cooperate as necessary.

Divorce mediation doesn’t guarantee that no legal complications will arise. In fact, some people wind up converting their cases to litigation when they’re unable to resolve their differences through mediation. To determine if it’s a viable option in your case, it’s helpful to speak to someone who is well-versed in California divorce laws. The Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff is committed to helping clients determine their best courses of action to protect their rights and interests in divorce.