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Child support: What exactly does it cover?

Just as in any year, there will be quite a few California parents that file for divorce in 2019. Chances are, many such cases will also involve child support. Questions may arise regarding what court-ordered payments are intended for insofar as financially providing for children is concerned.

Some people mistakenly believe that child support monies must only be used to provide basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. The fact is there are many other types of expenses that it would be perfectly acceptable to use child support money to cover. For instance, if a custodial parent must go to work outside the home, thereby creating a need to place the children in day care, monthly support payments can help cover child care costs.

For older children, college tuition might be an expense that can be met through child support. Other such expenses include extra curricular activities, travel or transportation expenses and medical care. A custodial parent does not have to prove how he or she is applying support payments.

The latter may be questioned, however, if the court has reason to believe a child’s needs are not being properly met. In the average case, the court does not monitor a custodial parent’s spending habits. If a California parent, whether custodial or noncustodial, is concerned about a particular child support issue, an experienced family law attorney can review the case. An attorney can remain on hand to provide guidance and support for any additional problems that arise in custody, visitation or support situation.