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Man in another state arrested for not paying child support

California courts do not look favorably upon those who shirk their parental duties. It is especially so if the parent in question is ordered to pay child support and willfully fails to comply with the court order. In fact, such situations often lead to arrests when a judge overseeing a specific case issues an arrest warrant to take a parent into custody on grounds for contempt of court.

A sheriff’s department in another state recently conducted what officials there referred to as a “round-up” to go after parents who owe child support. A 55-year-old man was taken into custody at approximately 6:30 p.m. on a recent Sunday. The man apparently owes close to $150,000 worth of support payments. However, his initial arrest had nothing to do with that particular issue.

The sheriff’s department had received a report of a drunk driver on the road. Police responded to the call and ultimately arrested the driver, whom they later learned was wanted for not paying child support. They transferred him to a county jail.

Officials in that county say that 16 people have been arrested since June for not paying child support. A director of the Department of Social Services there issued a public statement to warn parents that if they fail to fulfill their court-ordered financial obligations to their children, they may be targeted for arrest. Any parent in California who is currently dealing with a similar problem may wish to seek guidance and support from an experienced family law attorney.