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National child support campaign just ended in August

There are many social, political and economic issues that advocate groups like to promote on a national level to raise awareness and to provide resources for those in need. One such issue is child support. In fact, the month of August is dedicated in California and throughout the country as “National Child Support Awareness Month.”

The office of a child support department official in another state collected more than $2 million between the first of the year and the month of July. The department in question has had over 1,600 active cases in its system. No matter which side of the issue a particular parent happens to be on, it is critical that he or she adheres to an existing court order regarding financial supplements for children. 

Many California parents wind up paying child support as non-custodial parents after divorce. Others were never married to their co-parents. In both scenarios, it is the children’s best interests that are to be the central focus of all proceedings.

In some states, there are as many as one in six children receiving financial provisions from non-custodial parents. If a California parent has questions about a specific child support situation, a first logical step to take to seek answers is to request a consultation with an experienced family law attorney. An attorney can review a prospective agreement and can also help compile any and all necessary documents for filing a formal petition in court. It is often possible to resolve child support disagreements by relying on competent and experienced legal support.