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Tom Arnold chooses divorce mediation this time

Many Californians consider themselves big Tom Arnold fans. Many of his fans are aware that he has been married numerous times. In fact, Arnold is preparing for divorce mediation as he and his spouse prepare to end their marriage. Those in Westlake Village or beyond who are considering divorce after a remarriage may want to follow this case.

Arnold, now age 59, has been married to his current spouse for nine years. They have two children together. Arnold has made it known that he wants custody of his kids. The children have lived with their father for several years, ever since their mom moved of the family’s home. The situation has reportedly not really had a negative impact on Arnold or his sons.

Arnold says he told their mom she was free to go live her own life and that he would take care of things at home. Arnold and his wife plan to use private mediation sessions to work out the financial terms of their settlement. Every state has its own guidelines regarding marital property division in divorce, and California operates under community property rules. The court typically splits marital assets 50/50 in divorce, unless there is a valid prenuptial agreement in place that provides otherwise.

Arnold says he has no ill feelings toward his soon-to-be fourth ex-wife. He says he is grateful for the time they shared and for his two sons. The split seems to be amicable, which is often possible for others navigating divorce proceedings in Westlake Village or other California regions, especially those who rely on experienced family law attorneys to help them achieve comprehensive and binding settlements.