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TV show host upgrades car collection during child support case

When people post personal photos or comments on social media, it can lead to problems in their private lives. For instance, many California readers are familiar with “Good Morning America” show host Michael Strahan. His recent Instagram post has apparently gotten his ex a bit riled up about child support.

Strahan used to play defensive end for the New York Giants. He and his former wife have twin daughters. The pair divorced in 2006 and are currently engaged in a child support dispute. Strahan’s fans were blowing up his Instagram page with favorable comments about a recent photo he shared of a new Porsche he added to his car collection. His ex, on the other hand, is concerned about other issues.

She says Strahan owes at least $500,000 in unpaid child support and past expenses from horseback riding lessons. The mother of two received  just over $15 million when the divorce was finalized. The court ordered Strahan to pay $18,000 per month in financial provisions for his children. When he retired from the NFL, the court decreased the payment amount to $13,000 per month.

Strahan’s ex has cited his increased earnings as a TV show host to justify her request that his child support payments increase to more than $18,000 per month now. He reportedly earns more than $17 million per year at this time. In any California case, as well as those in other states, an existing court order stands unless and until the court overseeing a particular case issues a modification. A parent who has questions or concerns can request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney.