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What about child support when parents were never married?

Many married parents wind up in family court, litigating issues concerning their children when their marriage has come to an end. There are also many unmarried parents with children in common that have legal issues to resolve with one another. Whether married or unmarried, child support is often a key focus in family court proceedings. 

Complicated legal issues often arise when unmarried parents decide to end their romantic relationship. This is reportedly what happened to Varunie Vongsvirates after five years of dating actor Owen Wilson. Vongsvirates claims that Wilson is the father of her daughter; the claim was substantiated after Wilson volunteered to take a paternity test.

While unmarried parents going to court regarding child support issues is relatively common these days, what is unusual in this particular case is that Vongsvirates claims Wilson has never even met his daughter in person. She says her 1-year-old child needs a father. She also says that, although Wilson provides for his daughter financially, she is sad that he does not take an active role in the child’s life.

Wilson reportedly has two other children, both sons — ages 5 and 8. Vongsvirates is not their mother.  Just because a parent is paying child support does not necessarily mean he or she has scheduled visitation with the child in question. Many such cases hinge upon whether there happens to be an existing court order, in which case, both parents must fully adhere to its terms. An experienced California family law attorney can provide guidance to any parent facing legal challenges on either side of this issue.