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Divorce mediation: Negotiating child-related issues

When California parents decide to end their marital relationships, they often wish to avoid going to court. Divorce mediation is a valuable tool many parents can use as an alternative form of dispute resolution so that they can negotiate the terms of their own agreements. When issues pertaining to children are involved, it can be challenging to come up with a fair and satisfactory settlement.

Some situations definitely require both parents to have a say in what happens. For instance, if a particular child is not handling a divorce so well, a concerned parent might think it is a good idea to hire a child therapist to provide support. The other parent should be in agreement with this idea.

In a divorce mediation setting, such issues can be discussed ahead of time. In fact, parents can include detailed instructions or rules regarding psychological, medical or financial care of their children. Once both parents review a proposed co-parenting plan, they can sign documents to agree to everything, then seek the court’s approval.

In California divorce mediation or litigation (if mediation is not an option or does not work out as hoped for), an experienced family law attorney is a great asset to have on hand. If a problem arises, such as whether or not to hire a child therapist, an attorney can provide recommendations and assistance to help a concerned parent protect his or her rights and make sure a child’s interests are being served. The best options is always to meet with an attorney before any type negotiations or litigation takes place.