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Initiative helping parents who are behind in child support

California and all other states have laws and guidelines governing cases where child support orders have been disregarded. A parent who has not paid child support when ordered to do so may face legal consequences. These repercussions might include hefty fines or even jail time for being in contempt of court.

An initiative was launched in another state to encourage parents who are behind in child support support payments to work toward satisfying their obligations. Many times, a parent who has failed to pay child support may have his or her driver’s license suspended or revoked. Many believe this particular consequence may ultimately backfire because without a driver’s license, a parent might be unable to get to work, which could wind up exacerbating the problem.

As part of the initiative, the licenses for many drivers have been reinstated. It’s been said that it is counterintuitive to order parents to pay child support but not allow them the tools they need to do so. The initiative was launched temporarily in Indiana on an experimental basis. Parents with past due child support and license suspensions were given a number to call to arrange a payment amount toward child support, after which, once a payment was made, advocates would petition on their behalf for license reinstatement.

One advocate said that many parents run into trouble when they make agreements with their exes without getting the court’s approval. California parents, as well, will want to keep this in mind when discussing child support agreements. If the court has not approved an agreement, it may be difficult to enforce. An experienced family law attorney can answer questions and clarify state laws regarding such matters.