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Child support issues unresolved for Channing Tatum and ex

Parenting is often a challenging experience, especially if two California parents have decided to divorce and are trying to resolve financial issues and other matters pertaining to their children. Hollywood star Channing Tatum is currently entangled in a legal dispute with co-parent Jenna Dewan. The former couple has a 6-year-old daughter together. Tatum has denied accusations that he has been neglectful in paying child support.

Tatum says the court helped him and his ex workout a plan regarding custody, visitation and support issues. In fact, he told reporters that Dewan signed an agreement, which included a joint account where funds are deposited to be used by both parents as financial provision for their child. Tatum has also stated that his ex has made it difficult for him to FaceTime his daughter when the child is in her custody.

Tatum has asserted that these issues and numerous others are specifically defined with terms incorporated in his and Dewan’s co-parenting agreement. He denies that he has failed to adhere to the agreement in any way. In this and similar cases, it is always easier to resolve a particular issue if it is clearly defined and incorporated as part of an existing court order.

What is a California parent to do, however, if a co-parent disobeys a child support or custody and visitation court order? While many parents may be tempted to try to handle such issues on their own by confronting a co-parent or denying access to a child as a form of revenge, such behavior typically makes matters worse. In fact, denying a parent access to a child may lead to a contempt of court order against the parent who has done so. It is far better to seek guidance and support from a family law attorney who is experienced in custody and support litigation.