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Do you have questions about California child support laws?

Like all good parents in California and beyond, you love your children and always want what’s best for them. If you and your spouse are preparing for divorce, numerous top priority issues regarding your children are no doubt on your mind. For instance, you’ll have to resolve issues such as where the kids where live. If child support is being requested, then that topic raises multiple issues as well.

Some parents fight about child support. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that most children fare best in divorce if their parents are willing to compromise and cooperate to create a peaceful co-parenting plan. The less parental conflict kids have to witness, the better.

Every state has its own guidelines regarding financial provision for children in divorce. The court can act at its own discretion to order child support, and to set payment amounts and other terms. If parents can’t resolve a disagreement on this issue on their own, the court can intervene to make all necessary decisions on their behalf.

The Law Office of Edward S. Matisoff is available to discuss California child support issues or any other divorce-related topic. Relying on experienced legal representation in court is often the best way to protect your parental rights and to avoid contention between you and your ex in the courtroom. Once the court hands down a ruling, both parents must adhere to the terms of the court order. However, if, at any time, you have a good reason for requesting modification of the order, it is another time when an experienced family law attorney is a great asset to have on your side.