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Child support: Establishing paternity can be a key factor

When parents of a child are not married, it can be challenging to work out a fair co-parenting agreement. Child support issues can be complex, especially if the person believed to be the father of a particular child denies paternity. In some cases, a California family court judge might order a man to take a paternity test to determine whether he is a biological father and should be pay child support.

Rap music star Future is the biological father to numerous children from different mothers. One woman claims he is also the father of her child, and she believes he should pay $53,000 per month in child support. Future, however, had been denying paternity, and did not include the woman’s name in a list of Mothers’ Day greetings he posted online to several other women who are mothers of his children.

She then pursued the issue with another woman who had a child with Future. The two women had tests done to prove that their children are biologically related. The court ordered Future to take a paternity test, which showed that he is, in fact, the biological parent of the child in question.

Whether the judge overseeing the case will order Future to pay $53,000 per month in child support is yet to be determined. California and most other states have guidelines in place to help judges make decisions about such issues. Parental income is a key factor. In Future’s case, the woman claims the amount she has requested is fair and in alignment with his current earnings. Any parent in this state who is currently concerned about similar legal issues may request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney for support.